$1.1 million generated in new business revenues before investing in staff and real estate

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European Web Content Provider - SAAS' customer is a European-based web content provider with a specialised offering for the global higher education sector. Its CEO has requested the name of his company be withheld due to the competitive nature of its business and the advantages of its relationship with SAAS.

"The fact that SAAS had no technical expertise in our software, or experience selling into university administrations, was irrelevant. They are first and foremost astute sales people. The speed with which they picked up what we do and became productive is astonishing."

Chief Executive Officer,
Web Content Provider

Business Case

While the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) tertiary education market is relatively small, it boasts some of the world's most respected and progressive institutions. It therefore represented an excellent expansion opportunity for this northern hemisphere Web Content Provider (WCP) – but only if it could effectively contain its costs and minimise risks.

The CEO of the WCP said: "We built US business from our European base but with ANZ so far away and the impossible time zone difference, it was looking too hard."

Adding to WPC's potential exposure was that marketing new technologies into universities has a sales cycle of up to 18 months. It faces very long lead times in initiating interest, receiving RFPs, winning the deals and then getting budget approvals.

Partnering with SAAS

Having met SAAS staff at an industry event in 2011, WCP began what has become a highly profitable, mutually beneficial partnership with its outsourced sales team.

"SAAS was to help us get a foothold prior to us establishing a permanent operation in ANZ. They have amazing sales, communications and people skills. Having quickly got their heads around what we do, they then confidently set about approaching our prospects," the CEO said.

The potential for WCP's technologies was proven in initial trans- Tasman market testing campaigns. SAAS then systematically worked through the lead development phase to the closing of WCP's first deals. SAAS has maintained a role as the local face of the company in the region, providing sales and client support roles from its Sydney and Auckland offices.

The CEO said: "Our market entry required skills beyond simple cold calling. SAAS has given us something different - the availability of the full sales process as a service, even to helping us manage when deals come through."


The CEO explains the issues surrounding the recruitment of a permanent sales person in market: "No. 1 they're expensive and 2. they probably wouldn't cope with working in a very tough working environment, on their own, for 18 months. So, we'd end up losing them after 12 months and having to start again. With SAAS, we don't have the overheads or risk of losing momentum.

"Timelines are so hard to manage. If we could just get customers to give the go ahead by the planned date, it would be easier to sleep at night. In the meantime, we aren't paying unproductive sales staff."

Having waited through lengthy customer deliberations and budgetary approval processes, the flood gates finally opened. Within a six month period, SAAS secured $1.1m in new business revenue from prestigious institutions including Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Macquarie University in Sydney and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

"Our success in Australia and New Zealand highlights the global appetite for our technology and expertise. We now have a strong technical project team on the ground who are working with our clients to ensure they have the best and most advanced communications tools at their fingertips. We'll continue to invest heavily in product development to capitalise on all the opportunities SAAS brings to us.

"As we know who the target prospects are, it's just a matter of working with SAAS to expand into that identified group of 55 tertiary institutions.

"Having started from scratch just three years ago, ANZ is now our second largest market. I believe this [sales as a service] is the only way to build a head of steam before you put people on salary. With major clients up and running and more in the pipeline, our relationship with SAAS continues to work really well for us," he said.

About SAAS

deep-insight-logoSales As A Service Pty Ltd (SAAS) is a full service sales organisation covering the spectrum of enterprise sales prospecting to new markets and channel development. It also provides virtual subsidiary arrangements as the 'face' of your operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Suncorp secured as first customer within six months and SAAS appointed trans-Tasman agent for Deep-Insight

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Deep-Insight Limited is a global specialist in customer retention and employee performance solutions. It chose SAAS to enter the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“SAAS has been very good to us and for us. I recommend them to any organisation looking to test the ANZ marketplace – don’t hesitate, just sign up with them.”

John O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer,
Deep-Insight Limited

Business Case

In 2005, Irish headquartered Deep-Insight Limited was ready to take advantage of the strong Australian economy and explore the potential for its customer and employee relationship services portfolio in the trans-Tasman marketplace.

John O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer of Deep-Insight Limited, said: “While we were keen to develop export opportunities, we would do so only if we could minimise our exposure to cost and risk.”

Partnering with SAAS

SAAS designed a cost effective program of lead generation and pre-sales development to take Deep-Insight’s offering to market.

Deep-Insight’s business is built on very straightforward phone and online service delivery, from Ireland, leaving SAAS to undertake the direct customer relationship work on the ground in Australia and New Zealand.

The clear benefits of the SAAS model are the minimisation of subsidiary set up costs and associated risks: “We could have put in our own people but then we would have had to factor in recruitment time and expense, as well as the problems of selecting the right people in a marketplace we didn’t know well. Then there are the infrastructure issues of real estate and IT systems. These all add up to delaying sales momentum,” John O’Connor said.

“SAAS became the ‘face’ of Deep-Insight in Australia when we launched, simply and quickly, with the help of the Enterprise Ireland office in Sydney and half a dozen bottles of wine.”

As per the agreed sales generation target, SAAS closed the first deal for Deep-Insight within six months: the icon Australian insurance group, Suncorp.


Deep-Insight continues to benefit from the broad-based sales expertise of the SAAS team and its detailed knowledge of the financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing enterprises that are the focus for Deep-Insight’s business development

The rapid success of the lead generation project quickly evolved into an agency arrangement, with SAAS providing the full executive of country manager, sales director and account roles while working on a commission basis to continue Deep-Insight’s expansion into the local market.

“We’re going gang busters. I have full confidence in the capabilities and professionalism of the SAAS team in their dealings with the major corporates that are our customers.

“I only need to come out twice a year and SAAS looks after not only all our sales development but the account management too,” O’Connor said. “As an example, we recently completed assessments for four different divisions of Toll Group [or of a nationwide transport group in Australia] and SAAS conducted the face to face delivery of our final reports.”

From the success of the SAAS model, Deep-Insight has extended its reach into Europe having established similar agency set ups in the UK, Benelux and Poland.

“We came into the market because of the strength of the Australian economy in 2005. SAAS has become a well established part of our business. There’s still no need to put our own people on the ground as its solution works so well for us. If the market starts to go badly, we’re protected by the commission-only structure.

“I have full confidence in SAAS. I believe any company, of any size, will feel comfortable in having SAAS represent them and delivering their goods,” O’Connor said.

About Deep Insight

deep-insight-logoDeep-Insight Limited is a global leader in relationship management solutions encompassing customer retention and employee performance engines that form the basis of its online assessment services.

Deep-Insight solutions have been successfully deployed by many Global 2000 enterprises across a wide range of industries, including financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing. From its headquarters in Cork, Ireland, Deep-Insight operates internationally in Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Poland and Australia.

Making cash flow – the passion of IP Payments and SAAS

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IP Payments is an award winning Australian financial applications developer. As a start-up operation, it appointed SAAS to undertake a targeted sales campaign to secure its first national, logo customer.

“We love solving problems and reducing the complexity of the payments process for our customers – as SAAS loves solving the problem of generating sales leads for its customers.
Both our organisations are about reducing risk and accelerating revenues.”

Jamie Collins, Managing Director of IP Payments

Business Case

IP Payments was a small Melbourne headquartered software company that had developed a ground breaking payment processing technology but it did not have the sales capacity to break into the national market.

There was also heightened pressure, as a venture capital funded start up, to generate broader revenue streams and secure a high profile reference site as the foundation for ongoing sales.

Jamie Collins, Managing Director of IP Payments, said: “We needed to find ourselves some bandwidth to quickly get brand awareness in the market and let people know what we do. We had to get the sales process and revenue generation happening without having to hire extra sales people.”

Partnering with SAAS

IP Payments targets finance departments with its payment processing software-as-a-service solution which simplifies and automates accounts receivable processes and reduces risk.

Collins said: “We spent the necessary time educating SAAS – on what we do, who we are and our USPs – to give them sufficient information to convincingly sell our product.”

SAAS was commissioned to run a specific lead generation campaign targeting the 50-60 nationally operating gym chains. It canvassed the target group of franchises and identified three candidates that were contemplating a new payment gateway.

From that successful campaign, and having proven the market could generate a pipeline, SAAS was then contracted to continue the lead development phase and work with IP Payments through the tender process with those candidates.

SAAS relies on its clients to provide the subject experts for pre-sales support, tender responses and demonstration back up for its direct sales activities. Critically, IP Payments controlled the due diligence and determined how the project was to run.

It took a mere six months from the time SAAS identified the opportunity to completion of the successful tender.


SAAS had secured IP Payments’ first national client – Australia’s largest national health and fitness franchise organisation.

Not only did SAAS’s efforts quickly start generating cash for this dynamic small business but the securing of such a high profile reference client was crucial to IP Payments’ requirement to raise brand awareness.

IP Payments recognised that the ongoing process of sales nurturing needed to be complemented with technical understanding in a team-based sales approach.

“Because we needed the two different skill sets of sales and sales support, from the foundation provided by the initial SAAS campaign, we moved to develop our own internal sales and external channel model,” Collins said.

The company has continued to form different types of partnerships to provide the best access across the range of commercial enterprises both in Australia and overseas.

“At the time, we worked well together with SAAS and achieved what we set out to do which was to have them find the opportunities and engage those opportunities for us.

“SAAS closed that first significant deal for us. And the fit was clearly right because that client is still with us, several years down the track.

“Both our organisations are passionate about helping customers secure their revenue and growth – we’re all about ‘making cash flow’,” Collins said.

About IP Payments


IP Payments has emerged as a leader in secure revenue management solutions and has helped clients improve cash flow and comply with secure payment standards since 2004.

It provides organisations with the corporate payments technology that sits at the heart of their business and ensure compliance with payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS). IP Payments is a partner to over 5,000 organisations around the globe.

For five straight years, Deloitte has identified IP Payments as one of the 500 fastest-growing ICT companies in Asia and was the winner of the ‘Most Innovative Financial Application’ in the Asia Pacific region.
It has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

We are not permitted to name many customers, ranked among the world’s largest ICT vendors, because of the competitive advantage provided by our speed to market.