Breakthrough with Sales As A Service

Low Risk Lead Generation, Lead Development and Sales Closure for Speed to Market and Profit

Sydney – 1 January 2013: Sales As A Service Pty Ltd (SAAS) announces it has commenced operations as Australia’s premier full service, sales outsourcing organisation covering the spectrum of enterprise sales prospecting to new markets and partner development. It also provides virtual subsidiary arrangements as the in-market presence of international enterprises in Australia and New Zealand.

SAAS provides scalable lead generation, sales finalisation and market representation services for low risk market development. Crucially, the investment model shares the risk and returns by matching the costs at each stage to qualified results.

Managing Director, Brian O’Doherty is a seasoned sales campaigner with an enviable track record leading some of Australia’s most innovative ICT companies and as the founder of SAAS sister organisation NovaTech Ventures which has run many hundreds of successful lead development campaigns for enterprise and mid-market solutions and service offerings since 2004.

O’Doherty said: “SAAS fills a much needed gap in the ANZ ICT marketplace. For local innovators with limited sales capacity and international technology enterprises wishing to test this marketplace, we de-risk the market entry process and provide unprecedented speed to sales closures and new customers.

“SAAS is the ideal choice for those organisations that see business opportunities in Australia and New Zealand but don’t know how to tap into them. And there are so many ICT innovators in Australia that have excellent technical talent or a great product but lack sales expertise.

”We know, particularly in the current economic climate, managers must minimise their exposure to risk and subsidiary set up costs.”

The value for customers in the SAAS on demand sales force is in the cumulative experience of the team that becomes their outsourced sales presence. SAAS’ talented sales and marketing executives have routinely closed multi-million dollar deals in information and communication technologies from IT services to hardware and enterprise business applications to middleware. They have ICT sector sales management expertise across execution, partner development and marketing, as well as general management functions.